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A book with an extended and expanding Irish conversation is designed to immerse students in the richness of the Irish language, providing a dynamic and engaging way to learn. Unlike traditional language textbooks that may focus heavily on grammar and vocabulary in isolation, this book centers around conversations that evolve and expand in complexity

By embedding vocabulary, grammatical structures, and idiomatic expressions within conversations, students are encouraged to understand and use the language in context. It mirrors the natural way children acquire their first language—through listening, repeating, and gradually understanding more complex structures.

The expanding nature of the conversations ensures that learners are continuously challenged, preventing plateauing in their language development. As new vocabulary and grammatical concepts are introduced in the context of a conversation, learners are less likely to feel overwhelmed and more likely to stay engaged and motivated. This progressive difficulty also allows for revision and reinforcement of previously learned material, which is crucial for long-term retention.



An Irish language picture dictionary.

It uses images, videos and sounds.

This is a living picture dictionary for the Irish language.

Practice prepositions to help you describe pictures and listen to sentences to help with pronunciation. The first 25 subscribers are enrolled for free for one year.